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Breast Pump flange fit, where do I start?

You can find measuring tools online to measure the diameter of your nipple. But nipples can not only change size but sometimes nipples are between sizes or different sizes on each side. Some nipples behave differently while pumping. Do you have elastic nipples? Ultimately the breast pump flange should primarily pull in the nipple, not a lot of areola. If it pulls in a large area of areola you may need a smaller size. Upon the nipple swelling and elongating about 5 min after starting to pump, evaluate fit again. If it swells and fills the tunnel, rubbing or uncomfortable, try a larger size. The nipple should move freely in the tunnel. Recent research has surfaced that encourages the use of smaller flanges. Ultimately, what is comfortable and yields the most milk? It may take some trial and error. You can also schedule a virtual or in home visit with New Life Lactation PLLC to get assistance. Email



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