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Traci Dow MSN, RN, IBCLC

I have been an OB RN for 23 years with my master's degree (MSN) in nursing. My practice as an IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) has been inpatient and outpatient at a leading central IL hospital. I am also a breastfeeding clinical instructor for the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. 

Parents often feel alone and unsure if their baby is getting enough to eat. Breastfeeding may become more difficult than when in the hospital and parents don't know where to turn. Is your milk supply adequate? Is baby getting enough to eat? Are you having pain? Is baby transitioning to breastfeeding after a NICU stay, or working through feeding challenges? Does your pediatrician have concerns about weight gain?

My practice specializes in creating personalized feeding plans to make your breastfeeding journey what it can be.  We identify risk factors and implement interventions to protect milk supply and ensure your infant is growing. We collaborate with your pediatrician by providing visit reports and ensure your baby is safely breastfeeding.

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