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As an IBCLC I have the knowledge and experience to address complex breastfeeding challenges. The weighted feeding and full in-home evaluation is critical in identifying complications. A special feeding plan will be provided to meet you and your infant's needs.  In addition, your visit includes a faxed physician report and collaboration with your pediatrician. Follow up questions and support will be provided after your visit. We will develop a personalized plan that assists you to meet your breastfeeding goals. It's your journey!

Mother Baby Bonding


60-90 min consultation

The in-home visit is critical in evaluating all of the challenges of breastfeeding. By weighing your baby before and after feeding we can truly evaluate your baby's intake and identify concerns. We can evaluate:

  • latch 

  • nipple shield use

  • nipple and breast pain

  • milk supply (over or under)

  • tongue tie and effect on breastfeeding

  • poor infant transfer of milk

  • weight gain

  • plugged duct and mastitis management

  • transitioning to breast after NICU

  • pumping session

  • pump flange fitting

  • ensure breastfeeding is going well!

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60 min consultation

The virtual visit is ideal for the parent preparing for baby's arrival, exclusive pumping, or face to face conversation. We can answer questions, address concerns, and provide education. 

  • Education before delivery

  • Pumping session

  • Face to face discussion for education and concerns

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4-6 FULL 60 min visits


For the complete supportive package, choose any combination of in person or virtual visits. 

  • Antepartum visit to prepare for baby's arrival

  • In person visit after coming home from the hospital

  • Choice of 2-4 follow up visits

  • (pricing adjusted for number of follow up visits)

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