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Dr Reifsteck MD
Medical Director, Children's Service Line
Carle Foundation Hospital

"During medical school and Pediatric Residency, I was fortunate enough to have exposure to truly excellent lactation consultants who were part of our team of educators.  Time was set aside for us to learn about the importance of having a specially-trained lactation expert on the team when caring for a new mother-baby dyad.  After a baby is born, a mother goes through so many different emotions, and it is very easy for new moms to convince themselves that they are failing in some way.  Well-trained professionals like Traci are able to spend the necessary time working with these families to help them understand their specific needs, and give advice to make them more successful.  Breastfeeding a new baby can be a frustrating, exhausting process, and every baby is a little bit different.  Having an expert at the bedside and ongoing after discharge is key in promoting healthy bonds, and breastfeeding success for the long-term."

Dr Mohammed Nadeen Ahmed MD, MPH, PhD

Professor and Clerkship Director of Pediatrics

Carle Illinois College of Medicine

"Traci Dow MSN, BA, RN, IBCLC is currently a faculty member of the Carle Illinois College of Medicine. She is a valuable member of the pediatric clerkship. Ms. Traci is actively involved in teaching medical students where she was admired and appreciated as an outstanding Breastfeeding Clinical Instructor for the college of medicine. She shares her clinical expertise, educating future physicians to support breastfeeding infants and their parents.

I trust her thorough assessment skills and value her professional collaboration. Her skills serve her patients well both at Carle Foundation Hospital, as well as her endeavor in private practice."

Low Milk Supply

"Having a baby comes with many challenges, but one I never anticipated was issues with breastfeeding. You met me where I was and reassured me things should improve if I stuck to the schedule that was created for me." "You gave me back what I was afraid I wouldn't be able to give to my child and myself:  the best form of nutrition and the intimate bonding time with her during breastfeeding. It was hard work, but you knew what you were talking about. It worked!" "I wish I could thank you in more ways than this...Please know you have been the greatest blessing. Thank you so much." 

Tongue Tie

"After struggling immensely with breastfeeding with my first child, I was afraid of having the same issues when my second was born. I met Traci in the hospital at 2 days postpartum, and she immediately provided me with all the help and support I needed. My daughter had a severe tongue tie and she helped us navigate that right away. Traci recommended a pediatric dentist that could perform the procedure the same week, and she helped ease my anxiety about risk and recovery. She came to my house weekly and helped with the exercises and improving my daughter’s latch. Traci also was an excellent resource for how to keep my milk supply up after struggling so much in the past. My daughter went from losing >10% of her body weight the first week to being >90th percentile in weight by 2 months old. She is thriving and it’s in large part because of Traci’s help. She was kind, knowledgeable, empathetic, and I always just felt more at ease having her in my corner. Thank you Traci for everything you’ve done for my daughter and I! "

Tongue Tie

“I cannot thank Traci enough for helping me with my breastfeeding journey as a second-time mom. It was so painful each time I attempted to latch my newborn and I knew something just wasn’t right. When I made the call to seek extra support, I was so thankful Traci was able to see me that same day. Once I stepped into her office, I felt relieved that I was being helped by someone so knowledgeable and understanding about my experience and goals for breastfeeding. 

She was able to evaluate a feeding, ask specific questions, and immediately provided simple education and expertise. Traci was able to recognize that my daughter had both a lip and tongue tie and she referred me to a specialist who was able to revise them within a week. I immediately noticed a difference in my nursing sessions once her five minute procedure was finished and both myself and daughter could finally relax during each nursing session after. I followed up with Traci and felt reassured that my daughter and I were finally on the right path for a successful breastfeeding journey. Traci was so very kind, compassionate, and empathetic throughout each appointment and I cannot recommend or thank her enough.” 

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